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1. Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ LDPE Carboys with Tubulation
Perform applications with confidence thanks to the strength, long life and leak resistance of these one-piece molded Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene LDPE Carboys with Tubulation. Convenient wide shoulder handles for easy carrying. Molded-in graduations in 1 gallon and 5 liter increments.  Carboy and tubulation molded in one piece. Low outlet provides for more complete drainage. Leakproof. Note: Hose clamp should be used when attaching tubing to ensure a tight fit and avoid leaking. Containers can be used for long-term storage, but direct UV exposure should be avoided.
More Round Carboys     Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific Nalgene    

2. EZ Pour Jug with Handle
Natural HDPE. Has a wide mouth for ease in pouring and filling. 63mm neck. Caps are sold separately. Jugs sold in full cases of 4 only.
More Jugs     Manufacturer: Not Listed    

3. E-Z Foldz 15" Folding Neat Seats
The E-Z Foldz Folding Step Stool is for stepping up or sitting down. Folds from a 15” high step stool with a 300 Lbs. capacity to an easy to store 2” width!  It is constructed of plastic and has a stable design. It has a convenient carrying handle and skid resistant top and feet. Great to us for the kitchen, bathroom, garage, closet, gardening, camping, hunting, fishing and RV-ing. Not for standing on.
More Ladders & Step Stools     Manufacturer: B & R Plastics, Inc    

4. Aluminum Foil Pan
These aluminum pans are larger and deeper. Dishes are made of lightweight aluminum foil and are disposable. May be used as a weighing dish, evaporating dish, parts container or dust cover.
More Weighing Pans & Dishes     Manufacturer: Dyn-A-Med Products    

5. Aluminum Foil Squares
Weigh samples quickly or easily cap labware. Pre-cut square shape provides quick and easy handling for a variety of laboratory and industrial uses.
More Weighing Pans & Dishes     Manufacturer: Dyn-A-Med Products    

6. Hexagon Weighing Dishes
Dishes are made of flexible polystyrene. Bend easy into pouring spouts for non-spill sample transfers. Flat bottomed with slope sides to ensure complete sample transfer as well. Sold in full packages only.
More Weighing Pans & Dishes     Manufacturer: Dyn-A-Med Products    

7. 70 Quart Multi-Purpose Buckets
Excellent all around bucket. Large capacity (70 quarts) with extra heavy wall construction, this handy bucket/basket is ideal for both stable and household use. For toy storage, carrying laundry, as an ice chest, you name it. Double handle design molded side handles, plus heavy-duty ropes. FORTALLOY construction. Dimensions: 21-1/4" Diameter X 16-1/2" Height.
More Square and Specialty Plastic Buckets     Manufacturer: Fortex-Fortiflex®    

8. Heavy Duty Tubs
Tubs are made with FORTALLOY rubber-polyethylene blend for exceptional strength and toughness even at low temperatures. Thick wall construction ensures long lasting durability. Uses: watering, feeding, maintenance and general-purpose use around farm, home or industry. Approximate dimensions: 19" top diameter x 8" high.
More General Purpose Containers     Manufacturer: Fortex-Fortiflex®    

9. Tote Max Tote Caddies
The Fortiflex tote Max is the most unique and versatile utility box on the market today. The appropriately nicknamed M.U.T.T. (Maximum Utility Tote Tray) the tote MAX with its simple practical design maximizes usefulness with clever features in one elegant design. The tote MAX is molded with FORTALLOY®, an exclusive rubber-polymer blend, providing exceptional strength and toughness even at low temperatures. The practical high handle design maximizes usefulness. Ideal for stable, home, shop, or garden. Useful side pocket compartments are ideal for storing small objects. Clever central underside channeling designed to interlock over wood or PVC fence beams. Specially designed opening on sides of handle are perfect for carrying elongated objects such as screwdrivers, pliers, scissors, etc. Dimensions: 17" L x 11" W x 11" H.
More Small Parts and Tool Boxes     Manufacturer: Fortex-Fortiflex®    

10. CARB/EPA Fuel Tanks & Carbon Canisters
These tanks meet the CARB (California Air Resource Board) and U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) requirements for evaporative emissions. Beginning in 2007, government regulations have changed for evaporative emissions on small off-road gasoline powered equipment, changing the use of traditional fuel tanks. Sizes range from one to eight gallons. Our compliant products offer your engineering group a design-based solution to the ever changing agency regulations, providing a rapid product development timeline and lower overall investment. These products are typically used by the small off-road equipment industry on products serving lawn care, agriculture, and construction industries. CARB Executive Orders: C-U-06-014 (Natural Color Tanks) and C-U-07-012 (Black Color Tanks). EPA Certifications: EPA-FLM-NA1 (Natural Color Tanks) and EPA-FLM-BA1 (Black Color Tanks). These tanks are not off the shelf ready to install, the fuel lines, fittings and carbon canisters need to be added by end user.  CARB / EPA Caps are available in 2-1/4" (5.71 cm) - certification number EPA-FLM-N12 and 3-1/2" (8.89 cm) – certification number EPA-FLM-N4Z, are made of nylon with fluoropolymer elastomer gaskets, come standard with 8" (20.32 cm) tethers and molded text stating “Tighten Past Three Clicks.” These products are typically used by the small off-road equipment industry on products serving lawn care, agriculture, and construction industries. CARB/EPA Carbon Canisters are available in multiple sizes: 60cc (for 1 Gallon), 300cc (for 2 and 2.5 Gallon), 400cc (for 4, 5 and 6 Gallon), and 550cc (for 7 and 8 Gallon). They also have a variety of tank and purge port size combinations.
More Fuel & Oil Tanks     Manufacturer: Flambeau® Fluid Systems    

11. Bobby® & Bobby® T Brass Float Valves
The Bobby® & Bobby® T Series Valves are miniature float valves. They come standard with a nitrile plunger seal and feature a standard 1/8” orifice size. Construction: brass body, stainless steel seat, and a polyethylene float. The Bobby® T Series Valves feature a similar mechanical operation as the larger Bob® Valves. Maximum temperature is 175°F.
More Float Valves     Manufacturer: Control Devices    

12. R400 Series BOB® Float Valves & Floats
The R400 Series is a high capacity float valve with male NPT inlet and outlet connections. The model features an adjustable short arm for customizing water level. Applications include cooling towers, livestock waterers, car washes, high pressure washes, swimming pools and many other agricultural and industrial applications.  Valve construction: heavy duty cast brass with standard nitrile seals. Valves are lead free.  Bob® Copper Floats consists of two halves soldered together using an inside lapping joint with lead-free solder. Each model has a female thread spud connection. Bob® Polypropylene floats are lightweight, corrosion-resistant and suitable for use in a broad range of destructive fluids. They are designed for applications where temperatures do not exceed 175°F.  Both types of floats are designed for open tank service only. For a complete assembly you need a valve, float and stem (sold separately). Plunger, Arm and Seal replacement kits are also available. Made in the USA.
More Float Valves     Manufacturer: Control Devices    

13. Wet Wrap Emergency Repair Kit
Wet Wrap was specifically designed for pressurized leak repair on pipes made of copper, steel, SS, PVC, FRP, clay, concrete, rubber and more. By combining Wet Wrap, a moisture cured fiberglass composite tape, with chemically resistant putty, and the unique Pressure Sealing Rubber Tape, this kit offers the geometric flexibility to repair joints, tees, couplings and pinholes. This complete system simplifies the applications process and is prepackaged to accommodate pipes up to 10” in diameter. Use for extremely durable, long lasting repairs. Can be used above ground or underwater (fresh or salt). NSF61 approved for use with potable water. Fast set time: begins within 5 minutes. Can be sanded and painted in less than an hour. Service temperature: -50°F to 158°F. Application temperature: 32°F to 150°F. Live Repair Pressure: 60 psi (4.1 bar). Initial cure: 30 minutes @ 75°F. Pressure once cured: Max 300psi (20.6 bar).
More PVC Repair Fittings     Manufacturer: Bullseye Products    

14. Baritainer® IBC Tanks
Quoral® based Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) can be to safely transport solvent-based products such as household chemicals, industrial chemicals, cleaning solvents, adhesives, wood preservatives, automotive additives, and agricultural chemicals. They may also be used to safely transport foodstuff such as flavors, edibles and essential oils. The Baritainer® fluted bottle design enables tremendous benefits to fillers. Because the bottle nests into the tubular steel frame, actual capacities are five gallons/19 liters over their stated capacity. The fluted design also provides tremendous strength as the corrugation seen in other IBCs. Bottles have molded gallon and liter markings for volume indication. Baritainer® IBC is the only IBC of its kind that has a steel pallet and cage that uses advanced welding/banding technology in every critical joint of the assembly. The Baritainer® IBC is welded to insure minimal deflection for the heaviest of products, stability while stacking, outstanding performance in transit and increased trip usage. The steel frame has a zinc galvanized coating.  The discharge opening is 2.25”. The standard valve on the Baritainer® IBC is a polypropylene ball valve and is built for repeated use. The Lid is HDPE with a Santoprene gasket. Material Specifications: Quoral® BR50 5% and 95% HMW HDPE with environmental stress crack and aggressive chemical resistance. Quoral® is an alternative to fluorinated and multilayer IBCs. UN Labeling: 31 HAI.
More IBC Totes, Pallet Tanks & Accessories     Manufacturer: Bulk Systems    

15. Pump Up Dispenser Bottle
Natural HDPE plastic bottle with pump up liquid dispenser top. Just press down to dispense liquid. Great for Nail Techs!
More Specialty Bottles     Manufacturer: Tolco® Corporation    

16. PVC Drum Pumps
The 91057 pump includes 3/4” IPS and 2” IPS adaptors and the 91058 pump includes a 2” IPS adaptor. Fits most 15, 30 and 55 gallon drums. Includes an interchangeable flexible discharge tube (22” for the 91057 and 30” for the 91058) for filling larger containers and 5” rigid molded spout for filling quart bottles. Compatible with most water based solutions. Handles fluids up to 400 centipoise. Materials of construction are PVC, PE, Glass and Viton. Output is 7 oz. (200ml) per stroke for the 91057 and is 20 oz. (600ml) per stroke for the 91058. Note: Not for use with corrosive chemicals, strong solvents, or any fluids with a viscosity greater than 400 centipoise.
More Hand Operated Drum & Carboy Pumps     Manufacturer: Tolco® Corporation    

17. Economy Shipper Sprayer
This low cost shipper is engineered not to leak when shipped on bottles containing liquids. The contemporary, rugged design gives the product a retail appearance. Nozzle can be set to mist, spray or off, and ships in off position. Output is 0.7 ml. It has a 28/400 thread finish. Dip tube length is 9-1/4”.
More Extra Spray Bottles and Sprayers     Manufacturer: Tolco® Corporation    

18. E-Z Foldz Folding Step Stools
The E-Z Foldz Folding Step Stool is for stepping up or sitting down. Folds from a 9” or 12" high step stool with a 300 Lbs. capacity to an easy to store 2” width!  It is constructed of plastic and has a stable design. It has a convenient carrying handle and skid resistant top and feet. Great to us for the kitchen, bathroom, garage, closet, gardening, camping, hunting, fishing and RV-ing.
More Ladders & Step Stools     Manufacturer: B & R Plastics, Inc    

19. Alagomma® 150 PSI EPDM Lay Flat Water Discharge Hose
Used for high pressure, this is a 150 psi lay flat type hose for general industrial construction and irrigation. The cover is constructed of black abrasion and ozone-resistant EPDM rubber, the reinforcement is high tensile textile cords and the tube is black EPDM rubber. Temperature Range: -22°F (-30°C) to 176°F (80°C). Working Pressure: 150 psi constant (10 Bar). Sold in full rolls only.
More Lay Flat Hose & Fittings     Manufacturer: Kuriyama of America    

20. Blue Standard PVC Water Discharge Hose Assemblies
Hose is made of PVC tube and a cover with polyester yarn reinforcement. This is an easy to handle lightweight hose for general purpose applications. The smooth tube provides low friction loss. Ultraviolet inhibitors reduce aging and weather checking. Assemblies are 50 feet in length and are packaged in individual cartons. Common applications are equipment rental, construction, agricultural and general open end water discharge.
More Lay Flat Hose & Fittings     Manufacturer: Kuriyama of America    
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