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1. Adjustable Dispenser Bottles
These low density polyethylene dispenser bottles feature a graduated clear PMP measuring cup that slides up and down on the vertical polyethylene tube for easy adjustment. The variation in height determines the volume to be dispensed. The cup is filled by squeezing the bottle and forcing the liquid up the tube. When the bottle pressure is released, the excess will be drawn back into the bottle and only the desired volume will remain. Cup measures volumes from 5 - 25ml.
More Specialty Bottles     Manufacturer: Dynalon Products    

2. Bowtie Bottle
Bottles are made from natural high density polyethylene plastic and are much lighter than glass. Great for various uses such as samples, storage of liquids, pastes and powders. Curved bowtie shape makes for easy handling. 28/400 Neck. Dimensions: 3-7/8" wide and 8.5" tall. Caps sold separately.
More Specialty Bottles        

3. Buddeez® Big Daddy Bag-In Dispenser
Ultimate storage for lawn, garden and garage. Protects and pours: seed, fertilizer, ice melter, water softener salt, and much more. No spills, no mess! Heavy duty. Grey body, black lid. Made in the USA. Dimensions: 20" L x 10" W x 20" H.
More Buddeez® Bag-In Containers     Manufacturer: Buddeez®    

4. Buddeez® Bites & Bones Treat Canister
Handy canister features an extra-large flip top lid for quick and easy access to fresh pet treats of all sizes. The ideal storage solution for: biscuits (all sizes!), bones, raw hides and pig ears. BPA free. Made in the USA. Dimensions: 5" L x 5" W x 10.5" H.
More Buddeez® Bag-In Containers     Manufacturer: Buddeez®    

5. Buddeez® Bits & Bolts Dispensers
Small but tough, these heavy duty all-purpose stackable storage solutions are great for any work bench or craft and hobby station. Stores nails, screws, nuts, bolts, pins...ANY small hardware you need to round up and keep handy for your projects. Feature transparent containers with convenient flip lids. Made in the USA. Dimensions: 5.5" L x 4" W x 11" H. Sold per set of two only.
More Buddeez® Containers     Manufacturer: Buddeez®    

6. Buddeez® Box Topper Lid™
The Box-Topper Lid provides a fun and convenient way to keep cereal fresh and ready to pour. No more messing around with crumpled liner bags and the spillage they cause. The lid design fits and seals most common cereal box sizes. Keeps cereal fresh while enabling EASY flip-lid pouring. Great for cereal, snacks, crackers, potato flakes, and other pourable mixes. BPA Free, transparent plastic. Made in the USA. Dimensions: 9" L x 3" W x 2" H.
More Buddeez® Containers     Manufacturer: Buddeez®    

7. Buddeez® Kingsford® Kaddy Bag-In Dispensers
Weather-tight dispenser keeps charcoal fresh, dry... always ready to pour! The makers of Kingsford® charcoal recommend that charcoal be stored inside the original bag. Our patented dispenser, with its Bag-Gripper Lid® and convenient flip top, allows you to do just that ...and more. Kingsford® Kaddy Benefits: flip lid access. Just open and pour! Weatherproof outdoor storage! Easy-lift tote handles - hands stay clean! Made in the USA.
More Buddeez® Bag-In Containers     Manufacturer: Buddeez®    

8. Buddeez® Seed & Pet Food Dispensers
Dispensers provide the ideal storage solution for pet food and bird seed. Our BPA-Free, food contact safe dispensers are designed to fit all sizes of bags, from specialty bird seeds on up to the largest jumbo dog food bag. Unique features include our patented Bag-In lids, Dual-Pour flip lids with spouts, and our convenient carrying handles. The  #81201 and #81336 comes with an attached scoop and it has easy 2 wheel mobility. Available with a white lid only. BPA free. Made in the USA.
More Buddeez® Bag-In Containers     Manufacturer: Buddeez®    

9. Buddeez® Tritan™ 3.5 Gallon Beverage Dispenser with Ice Cone™
Graduated liquid measure marks on the back for accurate filling or mixing. Ice-Cone™ keeps beverages cold without diluting flavors with ice water. Refill Ice-Cone or beverage without taking dispenser apart. Add your own decorations to hollow base for a stylish, festive look. Non-slip/non-marking base locks onto reservoir for easy lifting and moving. Ideal for entertaining indoors or out. Made in the USA. Dimensions: 12.1" L x 12" W x 14.7" H.
More Buddeez® Containers     Manufacturer: Buddeez®    

10. Amber Essential Oil Bottles & Caps
Bottles are great for a variety of applications such as aromatherapy products, essential oils, perfumes, spritzes, creams, lotions, bath and body care products and more! Amber bottles are good for light-sensitive items.
More Glass Bottles     Manufacturer: TricorBraun®    

11. Bag-In Dispensers®
Bag-In Dispensers® utilize the patented Bag-Gripper Lid®, these dispensers allow you to keep and dispense a variety of dry goods fresh from the original bag! These popular dispensers come in many sizes and shapes designed to accommodate everything breakfast cereals, snacks, rice, pasta, sugar, coffee and more! Variety, nutrition and brand information printed on the bag remains visible inside the containers while the contents remain "bag-in" fresh.  BPA-free containers are made from  Polypropylene and the lids from HDPE.  Designed to easily fit on pantry shelves. Made in the USA.
More Buddeez® Containers     Manufacturer: Buddeez®    

12. Buddeez® Bag-In Dispenser Double Pack
Makes storing and dispensing from bulk-size bags easy as pie! Ideal for bird seed, large cereal bags, pasta, snacks, rice, you name it. Features an easy-grip handle and patented Dual-Pour™ flip lid. Pour through the wide flip top or its built-in spout, or reach inside with a scoop! Rectangular design fills your pantry space efficiently, unlike oval shaped designs which waste space. BPA free, food grade plastic. Available with a green lid only. Made in the USA. Dimensions: 4 quart - 9" x 5" x 10" and 8 quart - 11.5" x 5.5" x 13.5". Sold per set of two only.
More Buddeez® Bag-In Containers     Manufacturer: Buddeez®    

13. Buddeez® Bread Buddies®
Bread Buddy dispenses bread one slice at a time, fresh from the original wrapper! Just place the loaf inside, pull the edge of the wrapper around the outside, and then dispense bread with pulldown, pop up motion. Available in 4 sizes: Sandwich Loaf, Wide "Homestyle" Loaf, Specialty Loaf & Bun Size. Available with white lids only. Made in the USA.
More Buddeez® Containers     Manufacturer: Buddeez®    

14. Adapt-A-Jug®
No splashing. No sloshing. No slipping or dripping. No kidding. Extend your reach by over 9” & pour accurately with no spillage! Reduce the risk of messy, potentially harmful spills with Adapt-A-Jug® . Adapt-A-Jug® spouts are made from 30% postindustrial regrind polypropylene plastic. They are designed to easily attach to millions of quart & gallon-size plastic containers. Adapt-A-Jug® has both 28mm threads and 38mm threads. Adapt-A-Jug® comes with both the adapter funnel tube piece, as well as a curved spout. Take the splash out of fluid transfer. Keep your engines cleaner, your work area safer. Use Adapt-A-Jug® to save time and money with every use. Find uses everywhere: Lawn & Garden, Detergent & Cleaners, Automotive Fluid, Power Equipment, Fuel Additives & More.
More Bottle Funnels & Pour Spouts     Manufacturer: Not Listed    

15. FitBig® Funnel
FitBig® funnel is designed to fit snugly into wide-mouth jugs, making it easy to reuse large plastic containers - with no mess! The FitBig® funnel is made in the USA from regrind polypropylene. It fits 2” bung holes in 55-gallon drums AND most 2 to 5 gallon F-style containers, jugs & Jerry-cans with 63 mm wide-mouth openings. The FitBig® funnel also works great for storing dry goods such as bird seed, peanuts, corn, pet food, or cat litter. FitBig® is great for your Pollution Prevention (P2) program. For safe, clean transfer of liquids, used oil or granular materials, this funnel will do the job. Dimensions: 6-1/2” diameter top, tapering to 2-1/8” spout opening and 5-1/2” tall.
More Bottle Funnels & Pour Spouts     Manufacturer: Not Listed    

16. FitFill® Oil Recycling Funnel
Most people have heard about environmental problems resulting from big, recognizable targets like industrial facilities or massive oil spills. With so much attention to the large sources, it’s easy to forget about water pollution caused by smaller nonpoint sources (NPS) - especially pollution stemming from the household level. The FitFill® Oil Recycling Funnel helps reduce NPS pollution by preventing spills, making your oil recycling efforts easier, and safer. This patented funnel is made in the USA from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.  FitFill® Oil Recycling Funnels fit millions of gallon, half-gallon and quart jugs. Keep your business, garage & home cleaner and safer, your drinking water healthy- attach a FitFill® funnel to save time & money with every use. Use with Paints & Finishes, Windshield Washer Fluid, Fertilizers & Garden Chemicals & more! Dimensions: 4” top tapering to 1” inside diameter.
More Bottle Funnels & Pour Spouts     Manufacturer: Not Listed    

17. FitPop® Funnel
Don’t throw away empty bottles. FitPop® makes reusing them easy. FitPop® fits perfectly into almost any standard plastic bottle, including spray bottles! The flexible new design fits so snugly, the funnel will even remain in place if the bottle is turned upside-down. FitPop® Funnels are designed to hug any standard plastic bottle, making it easy to manage bulk purchases. These funnels fit snugly into most spray bottles, quart/liter oil containers, soda or water bottles. The FitPop® funnel is made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic (#5 polypropylene). Help the earth (and your wallet) when you REUSE containers and avoid messy spills. FitPop® is perfect for refilling spray bottles, hand soap, cleaning agents, cooking oil, plant food, soda bottles, liquid detergents, windshield washer solution, bird feeders & more. Dimensions: 4” diameter top, 13/16” spout opening and 3-1/4” tall.
More Bottle Funnels & Pour Spouts     Manufacturer: Not Listed    

18. Snap & Pour® Spout
The Snap & Pour® Spout is made from up to 100% post-consumer & post-industrial recycled plastic*. The plastic (#5 polypropylene) is ground up, shredded, melted and then injection-molded into a new Snap & Pour® Spout, proudly made in the USA! The Snap & Pour® has a modified spout that allows for ventilation while pouring - preventing more spills than ever before. It also has a new side-hanging-hook, which allows for easier, cleaner storage. Snap & Pour® Spouts easily attach onto most gallon-size bottles and containers with just a snap! No more expensive product wasted by spillage. Buy things like window cleaner in bulk and use the spout for refilling the old bottles.  The unique design conforms perfectly to these containers: F-Style oil containers, quart oil containers, gallon jugs, washer fluid, antifreeze and bleach.
More Bottle Funnels & Pour Spouts     Manufacturer: Not Listed    

19. CamJam™ Cord Tighteners
When it comes to lighter loads, the knot-free CamJam makes bundling a joy. (It's pretty great for tightening, tensioning, securing, hanging and wrapping, too.) Designed to lock securely into place with a simple pull of a cord, the CamJam is an easy, knot-free way to tighten, tension, and secure lighter loads of all kinds. Made of sturdy, durable plastic, it features a carabiner clip with a stainless steel gate on one end, and a rotating, ridged cam mechanism on the other. Simply anchor the carabiner to any hook, D-ring, or loop, and feed your cord through the cam until you've reached the desired level of tension. Pull firmly, and the cam locks into place and stays that way until you release it by rotating the cam. Easy to adjust and readjust, the CamJam is made to use and reuse hundreds of times, in hundreds of ways. Clipped to rings and hooks, it's excellent for hanging and securing tarps, tents, blinds, gear (perfect for bear bags!). Create a loop by clipping it to one end of the cord and pulling the other end through to bundle sleeping bags, blankets, cut brush, or wrap light loads to wheelbarrows, wagons, dollies, bikes, and boats. This two pack includes one 8' section of 5/32" rope. There are two attachment methods for ultimate versatility - loop system and fixed end system. Made of sturdy, durable plastic with a lightweight, strong construction. CamJam fits rope sizes: 1/16"-3/16" (2mm-5mm). Dimensions: 2.70" L x 1.35" W x 0.58" H. WARNING: NOT FOR USE WHERE DISENGAGEMENT COULD RESULT IN BODILY INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE. NOT FOR CLIMBING.
More Tie Downs & Carabiners     Manufacturer: Nite Ize, Inc.    

20. Figure 9™ Carabiner
Our innovative, patented Figure 9 tightens, tensions, and secures ropes without knots - a hassle-free alternative to untying difficult knots and using ropes that quickly lose tension. We've made it even easier to use by adding a carabiner clip that attaches to any fixed anchor point. The Figure 9 Carabiner tightens, tensions, and secures ropes without knots. Whether tethering a canoe to your vehicle, anchoring boxes to a dolly, or bundling wood, this carabiner secures large loads quickly and keeps tension where you need it. Loop your rope through its strategically designed prongs, pull it tight, and it stays that way. A smart alternative to complicated cam-locking tensioning devices and bungee cords, the Figure 9 Carabiner also controls the release of high tension, avoiding sudden and dangerous unloading. With a Loop System, Fixed End System and Anchor Clip System there are three attachment methods for ultimate versatility. Laser engraved instructions ensure ease in operation. It has a smooth and secure stainless steel wire gate closures and a light weight, strong aluminum construction. Fits rope sizes 1/8" (3mm) to 3/8" (9mm). Maximum Gate Width: 3/4" (19mm). Load limit: 150lbs. (67.5kg). Dimensions: 4.56" L x 2.22" W x 0.50" H. Warning: Not for use where disengagement could result in bodily injury or property damage. Not for climbing. Manufacturer is not responsible for loss, injury, or damage due to improper use of product. Inspect product and rope prior to use. DO NOT EXCEED stated load limit (150 lb. / 67.5kg) of product or rope, whichever is less. Manufacturer makes no guarantees concerning line, rope or cord not contained in this packaging. Avoid sharp edges, hot or abrasive surfaces, and shifting loads.
More Tie Downs & Carabiners     Manufacturer: Nite Ize, Inc.    
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