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1. BEX® Mini Tank Mixing Eductors
Compact design maximizes circulation. The Mini Eductor works in the same way as larger eductors but on a much smaller scale. The Venturi design allows smaller pumps to take advantage of the surrounding liquid to create a high velocity flow yield at the diffuser. BEX eductors are used for mixing chemicals, suspending solids, adjusting pH "sweeping" debris or sludge toward a filter intake and many other useful applications. Features: Circulation yields 4 to 5 times inlet flow, Compact design is great for small tanks, Color coded for easy identification and 1/4" Polypropylene. Typical applications:  Plating Tanks, Cleaning Tanks, Phosphating Tanks, E-coat Tanks, Fertilizer Tanks, Pulp Tanks, Plating Tanks, Cleaning Tanks, Phosphating Tanks, E-coat Tanks, Fertilizer Tanks and Pulp Tanks.
More Spray Nozzles     Manufacturer: Bex®    

2. BEX® Molded Tank Washing Nozzles
BEX TWK Series molded rotating nozzle provides true 360° spray coverage in a compact size and provides a cost-effective alternative to higher priced stainless tank washing assemblies. The nozzle’s bearing mechanism is self-lubricating and self-cleaning. It can be installed in any orientation and is effective in vessels up to 10 feet in diameter. BEX TWK Series rotating nozzle series comes in both 180° and 360° rotational coverage. The robust and sturdy PVDF construction provides a high quality molded nozzle that is effective in a variety of applications from keg and tank washing to food processing and machine Clean-In-Place. The maximum recommended operation pressure is 100 psi at 180°. Features: Compact design, effective in vessels to 10’, true 360° spray coverage, low cost and simple maintenance. Typical Applications: Keg washing, Tank washing, Small tank rinsing, Machine Clean-In-Place and Food processing.
More Spray Nozzles     Manufacturer: Bex®    

3. ANGLE·Vu™ Label Holders
Adjustable label holders for high or low wire shelving means no more climbing or bending to read or scan labels! This flexible, UV treated, PVC label holder has been engineered to snap onto major brands of standard wire shelving at three (3) different angles: 90° (flat), 60° and 30° for easy viewing and scanning. The clear plastic window protects the insertable label or barcode. White paper inserts included.
More Bin & Rack Labels     Manufacturer: Aigner Label Holder Corp.    

4. Bin•Buddy™ Label Holders
Finally! A universal label holder system for plastic bins and totes. Bin•Buddy™ features a newly engineered self-adhesive back that will adhere to ANY space age plastic or metal container. They offer a quick and easy means of changing labels every time the contents of a storage container changes. Just re-print the Laser/Ink Jet Compatible Paper Cards (included) and re-insert. Bin•Buddy™ comes with a Bar Code Compatible Window that protects the label from dirt and moisture. It assures accurate scanning every time. Inserts provided are Laser/ink jet compatible, pre-perforated with simple printing instructions.
More Bin & Rack Labels     Manufacturer: Aigner Label Holder Corp.    

5. HOL•DEX® Magnetic Label Holders
This versatile system is truly the next generation for metal shelving, rack, bins, and drawers. The magnetic backing makes it easy to change label holder location or just the information on the paper inserts. Ideal for organizing all your shelving needs. White paper inserts provided.
More Bin & Rack Labels     Manufacturer: Aigner Label Holder Corp.    

6. HOL•DEX® Permanent Self-Adhesive Label Holders
Call them "Remarkable"! These self-adhesive plastic label holders are ideal for shelves, bins, file cabinets, drawers, panels... anything than can be labeled! HOL•DEX® adheres to any clean surface. It will not crack, chip, peel, fade, or fall off! We use only the finest, longest-lasting foam tape. Apply by removing the tape liner and press to the surface. Can be used repeatedly, simply by changing the paper insert. White paper inserts provided.
More Bin & Rack Labels     Manufacturer: Aigner Label Holder Corp.    

7. Super·Scan® Label Holders
Xtra-Large label holders - Ideal for pallet racking! These tough, extra-large, bar-code compatible label holders help prevent damage to valuable bar code information during storage and distribution. They protect against dust, abrasion, humidity, even chemicals and light. A special matte finish assures accurate bar code scanning... every time! SUPERSCAN® is made from a sturdy, matte finished clear plastic to eliminate glare. Choose from self-adhesive, magnetic or hook & loop backings. Laser/Ink Jet inserts and general printing instructions included. Backings supplied separately. Top Load - cards load from larger dimension.
More Bin & Rack Labels     Manufacturer: Aigner Label Holder Corp.    

8. Tri•Dex™ Label Holders
A complete labeling solution for plastic bins with label slots. Just laser print a label or designation, slide it into the clear plastic holder and snap it in place. Tri•Dex™ is made from our heavy duty crystal clear PVC. It is fabricated to a tri-fold configuration that seals and protects the label. Bar Code compatible and no adhesive backing is required. Five popular sizes are available to retro-fit most major manufacturers standard bin slots. Laser inserts are included with printing instructions.
More Bin & Rack Labels     Manufacturer: Aigner Label Holder Corp.    

9. Wire·Rac™ Label Holders
Finally, a solution for labeling wire shelving! Before this product, labeling wire shelving wasn't easy. But finally, this flexible, plastic label holder makes it a breeze. Just snap it on for a perfect fit. Snap it off to reposition. 1-1/4" High label or insert loads from top (or bottom) and is protected by a bar code compatible, clear cover. Retrofits major manufacturers' shelving with the standard 1-1/4" - 1-1/2". UV Treated. White paper inserts provided.
More Bin & Rack Labels     Manufacturer: Aigner Label Holder Corp.    

10. Precisionware™ HDPE Wide Mouth Bottles
Wide Mouth Bottles for easy filling and pouring. The HDPE bottles with polypropylene closures are made of FDA compliant material. They have simple to pour wide mouths. They are chemically resistant and leak proof. Recycling code molded into base of 8, 16 and 32 oz. bottles. Excellent for packaging chemicals, pharmaceuticals and adhesives.
More Round Bottles     Manufacturer: Bel-Art Products    

11. Bosshead Rod Holder
Adjust by hand with large flat wing head screws. Chemical and corrosion resistant. Stainless steel bosshead securely clamps rods up to 13mm (1/2") diameter at 90° angles to one another. Autoclavable.
More Miscellaneous Labware     Manufacturer: Bel-Art Products    

12. Chemical Containers
These containers are ideal for sampling, storing liquids or powders, good choice for water sampling, or weighing bottles. Stable, low center of gravity, ideal for storage of chemicals. Smooth walls do not collect particulate and are easy to clean. Screw-cap design features a leak proof inner seal. They have a heavy-wall and injection molded strength.
More Sampling Products     Manufacturer: Bel-Art Products    

13. Economy Polycarbonate Support Stand
Two hex nuts fasten the 7.9mm (5/16") diameter rod to the base. Offset rod mounting to the 20.8cm (8 3/16") diameter leaves area for larger containers. Use with temperatures from 135°C to -135°C (275°F to -211°F). Simple assembly required. Autoclavable at 121°C (250°F) Shipping weight: 1.66 Lbs.)  Polycarbonate base is strong and steady and supports a 46cm (18") tall stainless steel rod. Ideal for corrosive environments. Suitable for use with all standard laboratory clamps.
More Miscellaneous Labware     Manufacturer: Bel-Art Products    

14. Polypropylene Burette Clamps
The clamp fits standard support rods, 12.5mm (1/2") and includes an adapter to fit to narrower 9.5mm (3/8") rods.  Graduations remain visible. Polypropylene is chemical resistant and autoclavable at 121°C (250°F). Soft rubber pads hold Burette without scratching.
More Miscellaneous Labware     Manufacturer: Bel-Art Products    

15. Spring Action Burette Clamp
Overall length: 22cm (10"). Rubber coated jaws grip burettes or similar lab items with diameter up to 25mm (1"). Flat wing-head screw opens and closes jaws.
More Miscellaneous Labware     Manufacturer: Bel-Art Products    

16. Support Stand with Center Rod
Excellent for use in severe corrosive conditions, this stand has no exposed metal parts. The base has a smooth surface for easy cleaning. Corrosion-resistant polypropylene base. Three rod positions for mounting at center or either end of base. Polypropylene coated rod measures 12.5mm (1/2” x 76cm (30”)) long. Deep thread, sturdy tightening knob secures rod and prevents it from turning. Base measures 21.5cm x 40.5cm (8.5” x 16”) x 5cm (1-3/4”) thick. Weighs 2.5kg (5-1/2 Lbs.) for stability. Autoclavable.
More Miscellaneous Labware     Manufacturer: Bel-Art Products    

17. Re-Usable Sanitary Fittings
Easy to assemble 3 piece reusable fittings are suitable for tubing/hose with wall thicknesses of .152” - .250” or (OD - ID)/2. Lightweight and versatile they are used for Biotech, High Purity Water, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Personal Care, Electronics and Potable Water. 3-A approved. Internal Finish is 15 RA or better electropolished. Materials of construction are Type 316L Stainless Steel Insert with high impact polymer nut and sleeve.
More Sanitary Fittings     Manufacturer: Ace Sanitary    

18. SecureCap™ Closure & 15cc Boston Round Bottles
SecureCap™ closure meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) protocol for child-resistant closures. The CPSC requires CR packaging for over the counter or prescription products containing 0.08 milligrams or more of an imidazoline in a single package. The manufacture of SecureCap™ has completed package and component testing, providing a ready-made solution for your product: USP 27 <661>  Extractable testing, USP 27 <661>  Light Transmission Testing, USP 32 <671> Container Performance Testing for moisture vapor transmission rates (MVTR) & CPSC Protocol  Title 16 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1700.2. The closure is designed to mimic that of the existing closure system, and does not require downward force to engage inner and outer components during application of the closure to the bottle, making it much more adult friendly.  In most cases the closure can be applied utilizing existing capping equipment. The closures accommodate industry-standard 15/425 bottle finishes.  In many cases, the design allows for the use of existing materials, minimizing the need for packaging stability testing. Manufactured in the USA. Includes bottle, dropper tip and cap.
More Specialty Bottles     Manufacturer: TricorBraun®    

19. MEGA Clamp™
The patented MEGA Clamp™ takes the successful Cable Clamp® design and MEGA sizes it! The easy-to-use organizational tool is great for securing coiled cables, ropes, air and water hose. Constructed with durable polymers and stainless steel, the MEGA Clamp™ is self-aligning and forever reusable. Tremendously useful with many real-world applications, the MEGA Clamp™ is the large cord and hose management solution.
More Clamps, Clips And Ties     Manufacturer: QA Worldwide    

20. ADL Dairy Tubing
ADL tubing material is plasticizer-free, meaning it contains no DEHP or other phthalates which are known to cause environmental and health issues.  Also, no animal derived lubricants in the manufacturing process, as these can potentially cause contamination of finished milk.  Unlike traditional dairy tubing, ADL has superior tear resistance and does not shed carbon. 1/3 lighter than Silicone and other products. Extreme flexibility in sub-zero conditions. Abrasion resistant. Resistant to Acids and Bases. Extremely long lasting. Great for raw milk transfer (Pressure/Vacuum). Meets USP Class VI, and CFR Title 21 Section 177.1810 and is RoHS and REACH compliant. Brittleness point -112°F. Maximum Temperature 275°F. Color is blue. Sold in full 100’ rolls only.
More Food & Beverage Tubing & Hose     Manufacturer: Ace Sanitary    
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